Oakworks Facility

Why Oakworks?

It all begins here:
  Since  1978, OAKWORKS has been in business with a simple, straightforward philosophy.  Every product bearing the OAKWORKS name is built to the highest standards to ensure safety and reliability in the field.  While we offer rounded corners on our massage and spa tables, we never cut corners when it comes to building our products.  OAKWORKS products are designed and engineered by professionals who understand what it takes to build a product that works with the human body and not against it.  We have a genuine interest in providing products of unparalleled quality. We are committed to continually developing innovative products of unparalleled quality that serve the changing needs of the marketplace. Our company motto speaks directly to  that philosophy;

'Bodies Talk.  We listen'

Oakworks Portable Massage Table HardwareThe right stuff:  When a product design is complete, the construction phase begins.  At OAKWORKS, we understand that even the best designs are worthless without the proper materials.  That's why OAKWORKS uses only the best materials to build our products.  We carefully select our raw materials to ensure that our products will withstand the wear and tear placed on them.  We also have a deep commitment to selecting materials that are environmentally friendly.  We've used our decades of experience in the industry to carefully select materials that are PVC free and don't contain dyes and chemicals that are harmful to the environment.


Oakworks sewing departmentThe right people:  OAKWORKS prides itself on the quality and craftsmanship of its staff.  Our products are made by fairly paid adults with the desire to manufacture only the finest products available.  The men and women of the OAKWORKS family firmly believe that the products they make and sell are the best in the industry and they work hard each day to ensure that the OAKWORKS name is synonymous with quality and commitment.  The skill and dedication of our staff enables OAKWORKS to build and ship your custom products to you in a short period of time.  That means you won't have to wait long after ordering OAKWORKS products to begin using them.


Before the sale:  Before any of our products are sold, they undergo rigorous testing to ensure they will perform as advertised.  And before any product gets the OAKWORKS name, it must pass our stringent product quality testing and evaluation processes.  Each product is put through hours of extensive testing to ensure that it's design and construction will withstand the stresses placed upon if from daily usage.  In addition to our own product testing, our products are tested by outside sources such as Underwriters Laboratories.  Before any product leaves our modern manufacturing facility, it passes through numerous quality control checks to ensure it's free of defects. Every product that carries the OAKWORKS name carries with it our commitment to quality.


Oakworks Sales DepartmentDuring the sale:  The extensive OAKWORKS product lines can make it difficult to choose one product over another; particularly for the new massage therapist just staring their business.  Our knowledgeable and friendly sales staff is committed to ensuring that you have all the information you need to make an informed purchase.  Our website has also been designed to provide you with the information you'll need to feel confident when making a purchase from our online store.  Our interest in your satisfaction takes precedence over our interest in the sale. We want you to have the right products you need to succeed.

After the sale:  Once you've bought an OAKWORKS product, our commitment to you doesn't end there. We understand that purchasing an Oakworks product is an investment in your future success. That's why after-sale support is extremely important to OAKWORKS. We believe in our products and stand behind that belief with our warranty and comprehensive customer service support, including replacements parts and scheduling onsite service. Our knowledgeable customer service staff is committed to ensuring your satisfaction with our products.

When our customers talk, we listen!

Our commitment to you: When you purchase an OAKWORKS product, you're not just buying a name. You’re securing peace of mind, knowing you've bought the finest equipment backed by continued support throughout the life of the product.

That was true in 1978 and it's still true today.