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PerformaLift Electric Salon Top $4,195.00
Electric Lift Tables

PerformaLift Electric Salon Top

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The PerformaLift Electric Salon Top is versatile and the most comfortable spa tableon the market. The Electric Salon top, with its generous seat section and choice of 4” or 6” aerocel padding, coupled with the ability to tilt the table to a Zero Gravity Chair position insures the ultimate in comfort. Even when the table is flat, the ability to raise the head end of the table 1-2 inches can make a huge difference in comfort for people who experience sinus pressure when lying flat. It has our largest height range in our premium spa table line, with a full 16 inch height range. The beautiful open wood base is available in a wide range of finishes to match any décor. 

*Shown with Clay upholstery and Natural Lacquer and Optional Adjustable Side Arm Rests.