About Oakworks Spa Tables

Why we are different

It's our leadership, innovation and work ethic that truly set us apart. It was true in 1978 and it is still true today. And we have been setting industry standards for quality from the very beginning.


Where we've been and what we do.

Our history has been guided by Linda and Jeff Riach who built the first ® massage table over a quarter-century ago and the company continues to be driven by their values today. Employing nearly 200 at its manufacturing facility in Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania, ® is now one of the world's largest manufacturers of high-quality bodywork tables, chairs and accessories that provide comfort and utility to the massage, spa, medical, physical therapy and athletic training industries both in the U. S. and abroad.


Where we are going

Our future excites us. We provide big ideas, great products and outstanding service, attributes that will ensure stability and success in the future for our company and our employees.


Our business is built on...



We know that your clients, your career and your livelihood depend on the quality, safety and reliability of the products you use. All of our products are designed, constructed and tested to meet your greatest and ever-changing demands. Without the risks, you'll never worry about injury or litigation.


...Customer focus and responsiveness

We have a profound obligation to our customers in two very important ways. First, we built  ® on the belief that solutions to our customers' needs must be built into every product we produce. For example, massage therapists we serve are constantly at risk. By investing in ergonomic designs, we help lengthen their careers while meeting their rapidly changing needs.


Second, we believe that our customers have a right the finest service available both at the time of sale and during the entire life-cycle of the product. Our people add true value to your purchase by being available to answer questions and solve problems you may face with any ® product.